Things to know about Moving Company Insurance Coverage

Moving can be very stressful and time consuming task, whether you are moving local or long distance on your own or with the help of moving company. If you are planning move your office or home to another place, you need an experienced moving company’s help. If you are looking for moving company, the first thing you need to do is make sure that they offering insurance coverage policy. So it is your responsibility to protect your belongings from damage.

If there is any accident or your valuable goods are damaged for unexpectedly while on your move, then you will be reimbursed. How quickly and how much you are reimbursed is matters upon what type of insurance you choose from the moving company.


Basic Coverage

All the moving companies are required by federal regulations to offer two types of insurance coverage to their customers when they choose long distance move. The first coverage is called “released value protection” and it is set at 60cents per pound. Released value protection is less costly, since it is offered no additional charge beyond the agreed moving fee.

Full Replacement Insurance

Full replacement value insurance is another type of insurance which is not required by law and costs extra to purchase. Many of the most reputed moving companies offer this insurance converge to their customers which covers full value of every item you mentioned in the register. This is the costliest insurance coverage; if you decide all of your goods being shipped are worth $50000 you would pay $500 for full value protection.

Market Value Insurance

For this coverage, the insurance company offers the present market value of the damaged or lost item is used. This is not replacement value; it is the actual value of that item whether it is out condition or new condition. Sometimes it is very difficult to properly calculate the correct value, whether from the point of view of moving company or customer.

Insurance Not Covered

In the valuation of coverage, movers are not responsible for items in boxes they did not pack. Unless the box shows damage, you are not likely to be covered for the damaged inside the box. And also the insurance policy not covered for natural disasters such as fire, hurricane, windstorm, hail etc. Many reputed moving companies offer best insurance options for their customers.


Hiring professional movers – How it can be the right choice for a stress free move?

Depending upon the job opportunities and the environment, people are moving from one location to another. When they are moving, they will pack their things and move it on their own. During these situations there are chances for your things to break or damage. There are also chances for your things to get stolen or lost. It is better thing to hire professional movers to do these works. They can transport your things in a safe manner to your destination. Also if any of your things got broke, you can get them back using their insurance.

Most of the moving companies have branches in different locations. When you are moving things from one location to another, their staffs from that office will receive the things for you. They can also used for moving the big things like piano, dining tables, furniture etc. They can also help you in shipping the vehicles like car, motorcycle etc.


Depending upon your requirement, you can hire local or long distance movers. If your destination is farther from the place, it is better to hire the services of the long distance movers. They can help you at any last minute or urgent shipping of things. The customer support and the responsibility will be satisfying your expectations.

More often the mode of transport will be difficult if you are going with the international relocation. In these situations, they use the air transport or ship to transport the materials. They can do the services not only for the house hold item but also to move corporate offices.

Movers can help you neatly pack ever thing and you should not have to panic or tensed when they are moving your precious objects. They will work on the time schedule as per your request. They take care of the objects and transport their safely without any damage to the products.

You can easily find the right moving company by using the information from the internet. There are number of movers in the internet and you have to choose the right one from them. Most often there will be feed backs and reviews about their services. You can decide based on that information in the internet.