Things to be Considered before Buying Decking Materials

Decking is an important thing in your property which can give a modern look and increase the value of your property. Most of the home owners in Gold Coast doesn’t aware about what kind of deck construction materials that they are use. Many landlords choose composite decks for their property. Because of the composite decks are made from recycled plastic and raw wood. The costs of these decks are very high due to its popular demand on the market. The market value of the decking materials is increasing day by day.

If you are planning to construct the decking in your home, then you should aware about decking materials before making the final decision. While buying the decking materials you should consider the following things keep in your mind:

Recycled Materials

Always use recycled materials for constructing the decks. Recycled materials from wood and plastic can make eco-friendly decking. But, some of the deck building companies do not follow this structure when building the decks. So, buy 100% of recycled materials for your decking project.

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Ratio of Wood

Generally, deck builders prefers 50-50 ratio for decking construction. From this ration deck can be protected from any insects. The decks resistance to mold depends on it. Some manufactures use 70-30 ratio for decking. It is not good for decking and the duration for this ratio can be less than from the normal ratio.


Recycled plastic materials must be made from HDPE plastics. These types of decks can provide longer life time and more strength to the decks. It has the power to protect the decks from the UV rays. Weaker materials can spoil the strength and its durability. So always use strengthen materials to build the decks.


If you have decided to buy decking materials, then ask the retailer for warranty. Basically, well equipped deck materials come with a warranty of 10 to 20 years. During this warranty period, if any damages occurred on your decks, then the manufacturer will take the responsibilities. Do not buy any materials lesser than this.

These are the important things while buying the deck materials. Finally, hire a licensed deck building contractor who will provide the entire construction within your budget. Because of the licensed deck builders can provide insurance for any damages occurred during the deck building installation.