Things to Look for While Buying Composite Decking

Many homeowners who are unable to spare time for deck maintenance are opting for Composite Decking. The demand for Composite Decking is steadily on the rise. Composite decking has lot to offer compared to traditional decks made of woods. Composite Decks are highly durable and they require little to no maintenance.

The market value of Composite Decking is ever increasing due to it’s popular demand. Composite Decks are a mixture of wood and plastic. This gives it high durability compared to ordinary wood decks. If you are a new homeowner planning to implement composite decks in your house, then there quite a few things you should know before making the final decision.


  • Recycled Materials
  • Ratio of Wood to Plastic
  • Type of Plastic
  • Warranty

Recycled Materials

Composite Decking are mostly made of recycled wood and plastic. This makes them very eco friendly. But there are few companies that do not follow it. Composite Decking is made from 100% recycled materials to 100% non recycled materials. When buying a composite decking material check how many percent recycled materials is used in the manufacture of the decking materials.

Ratio of Wood to Plastic

Before you buy a composite decking material find the wood to plastic ratio. The decks resistance to mold and insects depends on it. Generally manufacturers follow a 50-50 ratio. But there are many who use 70% percent wood in the manufacturing process. This is not good since it will reduce the decks resistance against mold. When the Plastic ratio is high the deck will be easy to clean.

Type of Plastic

The strength and durability of the composite decks rely on the plastic. For longer life term, the plastic in the composite deck must be made from HDPE Plastics. Only these plastics will have high durability and last longer. Weaker plastics will disintegrate easily.


When you have decided your choice ask the retailer for warranty. Generally composite decks come with a warranty of 10 – 20 years. If the retailer offers anything lesser than this choose a material that will last longer.

These are the main things you should keep in mind when buying a composite decking for your property.