Furniture Repair – How to Repair Broken Cabinet Drawer Handle and Locks

Major furniture repair involves disassembling the piece and putting it back together. If your furniture broken or lost its handle, replacing it while keeping the original look doesn’t have to be tricky. All you need is a little furniture repair knowledge and tools. There are so many ways to fix a loose cabinet door handle, but one of the easiest ways is by using glue and some other things. This blog will give you some tips to repair your cabinet drawer handle.

First thing you should do is to remove the cabinet door handle and unscrew it from the door and pull it off. Before cover the area around the hole with masking tape; get the glue and fill the hole completely. The most common problem with drawers is a loose handle. You may need to strengthen the screws that hold the handle in position or attach the drawer front more securely. Apply some strong adhesive to the thread of the handle. Position a washer on the screw before replacing the handle.


Tighten Screws

To tighten a loosely attached drawer pull, remove the pull and replace the screw with a longer one. If the screw is part of the full, you have make small hole in the wood. When the hole is enlarged, you will tighten the pull by using a hollow fiber plug with the screw. If your drawer has metal pulls, fit a piece of solid core solder into the hole and then replace the screw.

Repairing Cabinet Surfaces

Small chips and nicks in wood cabinets will filled with plastic wood filler. When touching up a chipped or scraped cabinet, the trick is to match the color. If you use the manufacture’s original paint or stain colors which you may able to cover with the paint local distributor or retailer.


Over a certain period of time drawer locks may get rust or damaged, keys are often missing. If the piece of furniture is an antique or the lock is unusual, it should repaired by a professional. Otherwise, removed the damaged furniture lock and take it to locksmith and order a matching or similar lock to replace it.

It’s very difficult to do these repair process by yourself, so hire an experienced furniture repair professional. They will repair your drawer handle easily within a day.


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