How Interior Designer is Different from Interior Decorator

Many people are confused between interior designer and interior decorator. An interior designer is a trained professional in designing the interiors, where he can expand his business to interior decoration but whereas the interior decorator cant. Interior decorator is not much skilled or licensed like an Interior designer. This is one of the major differences between both of them. To clarify, if someone has a business that specialize in interior design services then he must have much knowledge and the service provide by him is more broad than the service provide by the interior decorator.


Interior designer

An interior designer is the professional who completed his college education, along with at least 2 years post graduate experience. In order to say in simple words, the designer will actually plans to prepare the design of the building interiors. They create a blueprint to design the compartments of the room. The designer works to design the openness and division of any room spaces. They are the person who provide exact inside view of the building in a structural point of view. For instance, if a person wants to see his interior space of his residential home then interior designers will help them to show the interior space through 3d drawing. In that drawing you can see where the door is placed and where all the rooms are located. The Intelligent interior designer can also show the walls and divisions of the home in drawing.

Designers are committed to plan interiors of a commercial space. They provide services inside of commercial space like retail stores, banks, houses, office buildings, museums and any sort of buildings that need space and division planned in the building.

Interior decorator

Interior decorators are the person, who decorates inside of your house. They will not involve in building design or layout of interior space. They will fully focus on your home interiors like furniture, lighting, paint, art work, color and much more. The work of interior decorator is to understand the personality and style of residents and express it in by their ways. A decorator doesn’t need any training to follow the rules to adopt in decorating. Their only goal is to change your normal look of your room into an extraordinary one.




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