Furniture Repair – Four Easy Ways to Remove the Scratches in Wood Furniture

Furniture repair can save you from incurring expenses of replacing your old furniture. Proper maintenance is important for any item, whether it is indoor or outdoor furniture. Finding the repair in furniture earlier can reduce the big damage and avoids costly repairs. Furniture repairs are more affordable compared to buying new furniture. Here are some of the tips to remove the scratches on the wood furniture.


Crayon Technique

There are so many types of colored wax sticks are available in paint store. Sometimes it is difficult to find the same color which suits our furniture wood grain. To overcome this problem use Crayons, it same as the wax sticks and it is available in many different colors. If your furniture scratch is very deep, then crayon is your best choice for repair. If you want to remove the scratch completely on the furniture, then choose the appropriate color crayon and sharp knife or steel wool. Rub the crayon into the scratch slowly and using the steel wool, scrap the wax level to the surface.

Acrylic Paint Technique

Another solution to remove the scratch mark on wood is to “paint” that particular portion of the wood piece. Purchase small bottle of clear liquid acrylic paint that matches your furniture color and small brushes. Raw sienna burnt sienna, raw umber and burnt umber with these four color paints almost match any wood grain. Mix the paint with small amount of varnish and apply it on the scratches completely. Wipe out the colors which along the scratch before it dry.

Touch up Marker Technique

Touch up Markers are similar to the normal makers but they are filled with furniture stain rather than ink. Rub the marker along the length of the scratch until the color fills the scratch. Then quickly rub the excess stain around the scratches by using soft cloth. This is one of the easiest methods to remove the scratches on your wood furniture.

Fill the Scratch with Walnut

Use the oil from a walnut to cover up a surface scratch in wooden furniture. Crack the walnut, rub it over the scratch and polish the area with soft rag. The scratches should become invisible.

The furniture repair company completely removes the scratches on your furniture at affordable price.



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