Things to Consider When Buying Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is one of the biggest assets for everyone’s home. Now a day’s it is very rare to find antique furniture. Buying antique furniture can be an attractive and it gives stylish look to your home. Antique furniture is made with high quality of wood and workmanship that is not found in contemporary furniture. Collecting antique furniture is considered one of the important financial investments and great way to decorating your house. When you plan to buy antique furniture, just consider some of the things you should know about antique furniture.


Identify Real Antique furniture

You should remember the word “antique” refers to any objects that are more than 100 years old. When it comes to furniture, there are two types such as “real antique items” and “antique design inspired furniture”. The genuine vintage furniture is many years old. However the antique inspired furniture will only reflect the antique design. The used wood material is not real antique. If the furniture is original, wood dimension should not be uniform. Also check the surface of the furniture should suffered from discoloration. The most antique furniture pieces have ragged edges.

Style of the Antique Furniture

Most of the antique furniture sellers classify their products by unique name based on the quality of wood such as Louis XV, Queen Anne and may others. The furniture piece plays an important role to determine the furniture value. More unique or customized style furniture is very costly.

Determining the value

All kinds of antique furniture will not have the same value. The price of the furniture is varies depending upon factors like quality, age, design and craftsmanship. If you want to know the exact price of antique furniture search through web or go directly to that particular shop and review the furniture. Generally, antique furniture will be valued based on the condition and rarity.

Buy through shop

Buying antique furniture directly from the shop is best rather than online. If you directly buy through from shop means, you will get a chance to see the object and reduce the price.

Unfortunately, most antique furniture may lose their beauty and quality over certain period of time. So it needs proper care and furniture refinishing to avoid getting damaged. You should keep in mind that antique furniture retains its value only if it is functional.


Things to know about Moving Company Insurance Coverage

Moving can be very stressful and time consuming task, whether you are moving local or long distance on your own or with the help of moving company. If you are planning move your office or home to another place, you need an experienced moving company’s help. If you are looking for moving company, the first thing you need to do is make sure that they offering insurance coverage policy. So it is your responsibility to protect your belongings from damage.

If there is any accident or your valuable goods are damaged for unexpectedly while on your move, then you will be reimbursed. How quickly and how much you are reimbursed is matters upon what type of insurance you choose from the moving company.


Basic Coverage

All the moving companies are required by federal regulations to offer two types of insurance coverage to their customers when they choose long distance move. The first coverage is called “released value protection” and it is set at 60cents per pound. Released value protection is less costly, since it is offered no additional charge beyond the agreed moving fee.

Full Replacement Insurance

Full replacement value insurance is another type of insurance which is not required by law and costs extra to purchase. Many of the most reputed moving companies offer this insurance converge to their customers which covers full value of every item you mentioned in the register. This is the costliest insurance coverage; if you decide all of your goods being shipped are worth $50000 you would pay $500 for full value protection.

Market Value Insurance

For this coverage, the insurance company offers the present market value of the damaged or lost item is used. This is not replacement value; it is the actual value of that item whether it is out condition or new condition. Sometimes it is very difficult to properly calculate the correct value, whether from the point of view of moving company or customer.

Insurance Not Covered

In the valuation of coverage, movers are not responsible for items in boxes they did not pack. Unless the box shows damage, you are not likely to be covered for the damaged inside the box. And also the insurance policy not covered for natural disasters such as fire, hurricane, windstorm, hail etc. Many reputed moving companies offer best insurance options for their customers.

3 Important things one must remember while planning to construct a Deck Rail

Each and every one in this world love to spend quality time in their outdoor area. Deck is the first thing which comes into your mind when you have decided to extend your home or backyard. To build a beautiful and commendable deck you must use high quality materials for its construction. One must pick materials for deck construction not only based on style but also they must ensure whether the material is of good quality. A good quality material will offer the deck great strength and also allow the deck to last longer. This article will clearly explain what are the things you must consider when you plan to construct a Deck.





There are lots of materials by which you can design deck. Wood has been considered as the most effective material for deck construction during olden days. The main reason for this is, it was very cheap and easily available. Perhaps today it is no longer available. Many people, now a day’s prefer the combination of wood and plastic for their deck construction. This will provide more strength and flexibility to the deck. Also it offers great safety and good environment to the entire outdoor area.


Railings are constructed on the deck to add beauty, style and safety. Building a deck without any proper assistance is not a good move. So the best way to make your deck beautiful is hiring a contractor. Deck rail contractors are the ones who know in and out about the deck rail. Most probably all Contractors prefer materials which has high life time for construction. The main reason for this is to ensure the safety in the outdoor area. Therefore deck building company or deck rail contractors are the one who can provide the better deck railings style.


Another important reason why people construct a deck is the elegance it adds to the property. When you build your deck rail with right quality materials it will surely provide nice outlook to your house. By using materials like glass and steel you can add beauty and elegant to your deck area. In addition it also adds extra safety. A perfectly constructed deck rail will increase the entire value of the property.

These are the three important things you must know about when planning to construct a deck.

How Interior Designer is Different from Interior Decorator

Many people are confused between interior designer and interior decorator. An interior designer is a trained professional in designing the interiors, where he can expand his business to interior decoration but whereas the interior decorator cant. Interior decorator is not much skilled or licensed like an Interior designer. This is one of the major differences between both of them. To clarify, if someone has a business that specialize in interior design services then he must have much knowledge and the service provide by him is more broad than the service provide by the interior decorator.


Interior designer

An interior designer is the professional who completed his college education, along with at least 2 years post graduate experience. In order to say in simple words, the designer will actually plans to prepare the design of the building interiors. They create a blueprint to design the compartments of the room. The designer works to design the openness and division of any room spaces. They are the person who provide exact inside view of the building in a structural point of view. For instance, if a person wants to see his interior space of his residential home then interior designers will help them to show the interior space through 3d drawing. In that drawing you can see where the door is placed and where all the rooms are located. The Intelligent interior designer can also show the walls and divisions of the home in drawing.

Designers are committed to plan interiors of a commercial space. They provide services inside of commercial space like retail stores, banks, houses, office buildings, museums and any sort of buildings that need space and division planned in the building.

Interior decorator

Interior decorators are the person, who decorates inside of your house. They will not involve in building design or layout of interior space. They will fully focus on your home interiors like furniture, lighting, paint, art work, color and much more. The work of interior decorator is to understand the personality and style of residents and express it in by their ways. A decorator doesn’t need any training to follow the rules to adopt in decorating. Their only goal is to change your normal look of your room into an extraordinary one.



Furniture Repair – Four Easy Ways to Remove the Scratches in Wood Furniture

Furniture repair can save you from incurring expenses of replacing your old furniture. Proper maintenance is important for any item, whether it is indoor or outdoor furniture. Finding the repair in furniture earlier can reduce the big damage and avoids costly repairs. Furniture repairs are more affordable compared to buying new furniture. Here are some of the tips to remove the scratches on the wood furniture.


Crayon Technique

There are so many types of colored wax sticks are available in paint store. Sometimes it is difficult to find the same color which suits our furniture wood grain. To overcome this problem use Crayons, it same as the wax sticks and it is available in many different colors. If your furniture scratch is very deep, then crayon is your best choice for repair. If you want to remove the scratch completely on the furniture, then choose the appropriate color crayon and sharp knife or steel wool. Rub the crayon into the scratch slowly and using the steel wool, scrap the wax level to the surface.

Acrylic Paint Technique

Another solution to remove the scratch mark on wood is to “paint” that particular portion of the wood piece. Purchase small bottle of clear liquid acrylic paint that matches your furniture color and small brushes. Raw sienna burnt sienna, raw umber and burnt umber with these four color paints almost match any wood grain. Mix the paint with small amount of varnish and apply it on the scratches completely. Wipe out the colors which along the scratch before it dry.

Touch up Marker Technique

Touch up Markers are similar to the normal makers but they are filled with furniture stain rather than ink. Rub the marker along the length of the scratch until the color fills the scratch. Then quickly rub the excess stain around the scratches by using soft cloth. This is one of the easiest methods to remove the scratches on your wood furniture.

Fill the Scratch with Walnut

Use the oil from a walnut to cover up a surface scratch in wooden furniture. Crack the walnut, rub it over the scratch and polish the area with soft rag. The scratches should become invisible.

The furniture repair company completely removes the scratches on your furniture at affordable price.