Furniture Repair – How to Repair Furniture Cracks and Gouges

One of the most common problems on wood furniture is cracks and gouges. Some basic restoration techniques can remove these problems as long as the damage has not gone beyond the surface. Cracks and gouges should be filled so that they are level with the surface of the wood. To hide the very small holes, wood tone putty sticks can be used. Use a putty stick, wipe it across the hole and smooth the surface. If you can’t match the wood, the color of furniture can be changed. For larger holes, wood filler and water putty are the easiest fillers. The wood filler is available in several colors and water putty can be tinted with the oil or water stain.


Wood Filler

Before using the wood filler, carefully clean the crack or gouge with the tip of a craft knife. When it dries the wood filler shrinks slightly, so press it tightly above the surface of the wood. Wood fillers dry fairly and allow it for at least two days. Then smooth the patch lightly with the help of sandpaper. If surrounding finish is involved feather the edges so that the new patch blends. Apply finish on the wood and match the rest of the surface.

Water Putty

Water putty will be mixed with oil and water. After applying the water putty leave it to dry for at least two to three hours and remove the patch with help of putty knife. Let the patch dry completely, smooth and level the surrounding of wood surface.

Shellac Sticks

The shellac sticks are used to fill cracks and gouges. These sticks are available in different colors which is matching the color of the wood. Before using the shellac sticks, clean the crack or gouges with the tip of sharp knife. These sticks are heated and melted to fill the crack. Do not use soft stick which can change the color of the shellac when heated the alcohol lamp or propane torch. When using shellac sticks, hold the stick to the heat source above the knife. Then quickly insert the soft shellac files into the cracks and make sure it is completely fills the crack or not.

Wood Patch

If a hole or split is very large in the wood furniture, don’t fill it with the piece of wood to fit it perfectly. Fit the wood patch into the hole or split; use glue to bond it to the surrounding wood. The furniture repair company repairs your furniture without changing the quality at affordable price.


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