Furniture refinishing- Few primary tip to give a new look to your old office furniture

Furniture plays a major role in the visual appearance of your office setup. Old and worn out furniture prevents you from getting good clients approaching for business. Workplace environment is very important for organizations. Visually appealing workplace creates reputation and identity of your business to the visitors. Now, old furniture is actually strong and antiques compared to new furniture

Buying new furniture is comparatively costly. Buying new furniture is quiet easy for big companies. Apart from the cost, one should see that restoring and old furniture gives it a brand new look and you are not indirectly responsible for cutting down new trees to make new furniture. Old furniture that cannot bear any restoration or repair, in that case you can buy new furniture as we don’t have any other option.

For startup companies refinishing the furniture is a great option. This process is cost-effective and can be completed by self. First to begin your refinishing process, you need to do necessary repairs. While repairing makes sure you don’t damage the wood or create cracks on it. Cracked or broken pieces can be replaced. Once after the repair process is completed, sand the furniture to strip off old paints or other materials used on the furniture. Make sure you fill deep scratches, dents, cracks, with wood filler that matches the color of your wood before sanding. Start sanding only when the wood becomes dry. You can either do it manually or use electric sander to speed up the process.

Now, to complete choose the stain color that matches your existing furniture color to complete the restoration process. It is always advisable to give two thin coats of stain than applying one heavy coat of stain. Try not to apply the second coat unless the first one dries up. For the protective cover of the furniture you can use tung oil or polyurethane. Allow the furniture to dry for at-least forty eight hours that is two days.

Furniture refinishing and restoration can also be done for old furniture at home. You can do it at free weekends as it consumes little time. If you find you are not confident enough in refinishing your furniture, you can hire a professional refinishing company to give your old furniture a new look with a professional touch.


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