Few significant tips for furniture repair and refinishing

Furniture restoration and repair gives your old furniture a new look and also saves your money. Purchasing a new furniture is much costly than restoring old furniture. Before starting your furniture repair, first you need to ensure that your furniture can withstand the restoration process. You should analyze your furniture carefully and can take help from internet to provide you with information about the type of furniture and how to perform furniture restoration perfectly.

Our old furniture is actually antiques and is rare finds. You should make sure that the restoration process does not damage the value of the furniture. Unfortunately, most antiques show their age with time and requires a repair. Now after analyzing your furniture thoroughly you need to identify the problem areas. Many antiques might have minor repairs which are easy to remove and other may have large repairs, which requires a furniture repair specialist. If you like to preserve the value of the furniture, hiring a furniture repair specialist will be ideal.

If in case of minor repair, you need to determine whether the piece is comprised completely of wood or have veneers added to it. Moisture rings are very common on old furniture and you need to know how to remove it without damaging the furniture. These rings can be removed by a chemical called amalgamator. Slightly Dip a soft cloth in this solution and apply it over the ring without rubbing the surface. Then press the surface so that the solution gets into the strain. Repeat process if the treatment doesn’t work at the first attempt.

If still the furniture stain is persistent, gently sand the surface. Generally to remove stains you need to clean the wooden piece to remove any dust or dirt. For more difficult stain you need consider refinishing your furniture.

If you are confident about refinishing your furniture, use a stripper and thin lacquer that is appropriate for the wood to strip the finish. Apply it using a brush or a lint free cloth. Later wood bleach can be used to remove any residual stain. Again difficult stains can be removed by steel wood and sandpaper. Let it dry for some time and apply the finish.

You may require a replacement for your furniture if the furniture has damaged or missing piece. Try to find the best match for replacement, else consult a professional for help. You need to perform furniture repair with safety in mind and plenty of ventilation.


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