Easy Tips To Clean Your Water Softener On A Regular Basis

Cleaning of water softener regularly is very important for its proper functioning. Below some step-by-step tips are being mentioned. Follow these tips to keep your water softener crystal clear.

Make a plan in advance for cleaning

Allow the level of salt present in the tank to go down to a minimum level prior to cleaning in order to avoid wastage of fresh salt. The process of reduction could take a couple of days.

Preparation of gravel and sand bed for removal of brine

You need to dig a pit in your yard about six inches deep and three feet on every side away from lawn grass, shrubs and garden plants. Now, line the lower part of your sand bed with landscape cloth. Fix coarse gravel to a depth of about 3 inches and layer 6 inches sand on top. Such materials will trap the brine and salts while letting the water evaporate.

Cut off electricity from your water softener

Plug out the water softener and disconnect the brine tank prior to cleaning.

Keep the brine tank outside and dispose of the contents

Maintaining the water softener system requires proper cleaning of inner parts. Take off the brine tank cover and pour out salt crystals, brine and water into your prepared gravel and sand bed. Shun splashing brine on shrubbery, grass and flowers since the high concentration of salts will kill the plants.

Disassemble and clean the parts of brine tank

Make use of the screwdriver in order to discharge the screws on the cover of salt tank and take out the brine valve chamber. Lay down the brine valve on the tarpaulin. Take away the salt plate, put it in cold water and add dish detergent. Now scrub the salt plate with the bristle brush and clean off any salt crystals with steel wool. Wash the salt plate well, dry it with a clean rag and at last set it apart. Make use of the power washer to clean the inner part of the brine tank. Scour its walls with the wool and steel pads. Wash the brine tank completely and keep it on the tarpaulin to drain. Clean the brine valve very carefully to avoid damage to it. By following these steps, you can get clean water from the water softener.

Reassemble the brine tank to refill

At last, reassemble the empty brine tank in the house. Now install the brine valve chamber and attach the tank lid. Connect the brine tank to the electrical power supply. Refill the brine tank with fresh salt near to the tank top. Operate the water softener for a full cycle so that the brine tank can refill and recalibrate itself.


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