Few significant tips for furniture repair and refinishing

Furniture restoration and repair gives your old furniture a new look and also saves your money. Purchasing a new furniture is much costly than restoring old furniture. Before starting your furniture repair, first you need to ensure that your furniture can withstand the restoration process. You should analyze your furniture carefully and can take help from internet to provide you with information about the type of furniture and how to perform furniture restoration perfectly.

Our old furniture is actually antiques and is rare finds. You should make sure that the restoration process does not damage the value of the furniture. Unfortunately, most antiques show their age with time and requires a repair. Now after analyzing your furniture thoroughly you need to identify the problem areas. Many antiques might have minor repairs which are easy to remove and other may have large repairs, which requires a furniture repair specialist. If you like to preserve the value of the furniture, hiring a furniture repair specialist will be ideal.

If in case of minor repair, you need to determine whether the piece is comprised completely of wood or have veneers added to it. Moisture rings are very common on old furniture and you need to know how to remove it without damaging the furniture. These rings can be removed by a chemical called amalgamator. Slightly Dip a soft cloth in this solution and apply it over the ring without rubbing the surface. Then press the surface so that the solution gets into the strain. Repeat process if the treatment doesn’t work at the first attempt.

If still the furniture stain is persistent, gently sand the surface. Generally to remove stains you need to clean the wooden piece to remove any dust or dirt. For more difficult stain you need consider refinishing your furniture.

If you are confident about refinishing your furniture, use a stripper and thin lacquer that is appropriate for the wood to strip the finish. Apply it using a brush or a lint free cloth. Later wood bleach can be used to remove any residual stain. Again difficult stains can be removed by steel wood and sandpaper. Let it dry for some time and apply the finish.

You may require a replacement for your furniture if the furniture has damaged or missing piece. Try to find the best match for replacement, else consult a professional for help. You need to perform furniture repair with safety in mind and plenty of ventilation.


Tips for preparing your home ahead of time before your mover comes

Many people move frequently to a nearby location or a far away distance for different reasons. The day they are moving is a big day for them until everything have got settled in the right places. Many prefer to hire a professional moving company to have a stress free and tireless move. They find a list of professional movers and start hiring one of them for moving. But before your professional movers come home, you need to prepare your home by yourself for moving them perfectly to the destination. Here we will discuss few tips on preparing your home before your professional mover comes.

1.    Take a paper and make a list of items you should keep on hand instead of packing and sending them. For example first aid kit, needs of children’s items like warm blankets, snack food etc. If you have a pet at home make sure your pet is away when your professional mover comes. Ask your neighbor to take care of your pet for some time until the packing gets over.

2.    Separate items like breakable and unbreakable items which is easier for you to safeguard your objects.

3.    Professional movers will definitely have boxes for packing any kind of items which may be large or small. They will have all types of packing tools and accessories with varying sizes of moving boxes to move safely. The only thing is you need to join with your mover and help them to have a move as of your expectations.


4.    Before your professional mover comes, you can pack small things which are able to pack yourself. For example dresses, CD’s, cassettes, important files, records etc. Pack these things separately by yourself and name it above the box for your reference. Have a permanent marker in your hand to label all the boxes which you have packed all the handy goods inside.

5.    If you’re packing electrical goods like electric cords, wires for TV, speaker, DVD for these it is helpful to label them & save your time when unpacking and installing.

6.    Suppose you’re moving to a long distance then it needs more preparation. For example, you need to clean your fridge items and getting rid of all perishable items. Before the arrival of moving day you need to avoid buying perishable items and store it in your fridge. Hence on moving day you will not have any items to dispose. By doing this will help yourself by not using the kitchen for cooking hence you pack things easily from the kitchen.

No matter how far you are moving, professional movers will help you from beginning to the end process. Many professional moving companies follow certain rules and norms for moving which is quite reliable and helpful for us to have a safe and clean moving. They offer discounts based on the type of move and the distance they move.

Few useful tips to refinish and reuse old furniture

Furniture plays an important role in making our house to look perfect. A house cannot be a home without good looking furniture. Everything become old one day, so do furniture. Old furniture is actually antiques to be preserved. Instead of buying new furniture restoring new furniture will be ideal. Furniture restoration and reuse has any advantages and are most cost effect than buying new furniture.

There are many reasons to buy new furniture. As mentioned earlier the furniture might become old, other reasons includes outdated furniture or you just feel bored to use those old furniture, destruction, furniture damage etc. We will see what are the benefits involved in reusing old furniture.

Purchasing items that are recyclable is one of the best options these days. Using recycled products helps to reduce pollution and also conserve products for future. Similarly furniture is also recyclable. You need to purchase eco friendly and recyclable furniture. Many furniture manufacturers sell environmental friendly furniture online with best deals these days.

If your furniture is broken or has become old try to repair and refinish it so that it gets a brand new look. Buying a new furniture is comparatively costly than repairing the small damage in your old furniture. As wood is a natural resource, and they are limited. Plants and trees play a major role in our environment. They provide us food and shelter. So we need to be careful in using it and need to preserve it.

If you think your old furniture cannot bear the restoration process, you can use it for some other thing. For example top of the table can be used as board; top of the stool can be used as a tray or frame. There are many things that can be done with old furniture. Reusing old furniture is one of the best options to choose.

Apart from this, you can sell or donate your furniture to others. Remember to keep this as last option. There is always someone to use your old furniture better. If you can recognize the value of the furniture you will try to refinish and restore it. You can find many quality furniture repair companies online, who can refinish your furniture in professional way and give it a brand new look. You will happy to restore your old furniture than buying a new one. You must be careful while choosing such companies to ensure that the value of the furniture is not lost. Furniture refinishing and reuse will be an excellent option to conserve our natural resources.

Easy Tips To Clean Your Water Softener On A Regular Basis

Cleaning of water softener regularly is very important for its proper functioning. Below some step-by-step tips are being mentioned. Follow these tips to keep your water softener crystal clear.

Make a plan in advance for cleaning

Allow the level of salt present in the tank to go down to a minimum level prior to cleaning in order to avoid wastage of fresh salt. The process of reduction could take a couple of days.

Preparation of gravel and sand bed for removal of brine

You need to dig a pit in your yard about six inches deep and three feet on every side away from lawn grass, shrubs and garden plants. Now, line the lower part of your sand bed with landscape cloth. Fix coarse gravel to a depth of about 3 inches and layer 6 inches sand on top. Such materials will trap the brine and salts while letting the water evaporate.

Cut off electricity from your water softener

Plug out the water softener and disconnect the brine tank prior to cleaning.

Keep the brine tank outside and dispose of the contents

Maintaining the water softener system requires proper cleaning of inner parts. Take off the brine tank cover and pour out salt crystals, brine and water into your prepared gravel and sand bed. Shun splashing brine on shrubbery, grass and flowers since the high concentration of salts will kill the plants.

Disassemble and clean the parts of brine tank

Make use of the screwdriver in order to discharge the screws on the cover of salt tank and take out the brine valve chamber. Lay down the brine valve on the tarpaulin. Take away the salt plate, put it in cold water and add dish detergent. Now scrub the salt plate with the bristle brush and clean off any salt crystals with steel wool. Wash the salt plate well, dry it with a clean rag and at last set it apart. Make use of the power washer to clean the inner part of the brine tank. Scour its walls with the wool and steel pads. Wash the brine tank completely and keep it on the tarpaulin to drain. Clean the brine valve very carefully to avoid damage to it. By following these steps, you can get clean water from the water softener.

Reassemble the brine tank to refill

At last, reassemble the empty brine tank in the house. Now install the brine valve chamber and attach the tank lid. Connect the brine tank to the electrical power supply. Refill the brine tank with fresh salt near to the tank top. Operate the water softener for a full cycle so that the brine tank can refill and recalibrate itself.