What you should know about mini split air conditioning installation in your home?

The mini split air conditioning system is the best and efficient alternative to conventional window mounted ACs. Today, you will come across with three different models available in mini split system. The first and the most commonly used model is the indoor unit which comes with an evaporator coil. These indoor units are installed in every room which you want to cool. The second model is the outdoor condensing system and for each unit you need to have one outdoor condensing system. However, there are some models where 4 indoor units can be supported with the use of single outdoor unit. By using a refrigerant line set all four indoor units are connected with the single outdoor system. These units are designed to easily cool a room of 25 foot. To cover longer distances extra refrigerant are required.

There are two different zones available in the mini split conditioning systems, multi zone and single zone. As the name implies, the single zone unit comprises only one indoor evaporator coil which is linked with the outdoor condensing unit. However, the multi zone system is designed to cool up to 4 rooms easily and it comprises one single outdoor condensing unit. But, how many indoor units will be required is totally dependent on the numbers of rooms you want to be cooled. Each room should have its own indoor units.

The mounting styles of the indoor units are also very different. You will find wall mounted units as well as ceiling mounted models. The wall mounted models are widely used today. To install air conditioning system that comes with wall mounted model, iron mounting brackets are used. The wall mounted models are controlled by using wireless remote control.

The ceiling models are available three different styles. This includes concealed, recessed and suspended models. The suspended models are installed right on the ceiling of your house and maintenance of such models is very easy compared to other two models. The recessed models are installed inside the ceiling of your house and no protrusions are there once it is installed. The concealed models are totally hidden within the ceiling of your house, only the openings of the system are visible from where warm and cool air is released. So, considering you needs you may select from a wide variety of mounting styles that better fits with the décor of your house.

So, these were some of the most common things that you must know about mini split air conditioning system installation in your house.


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