Construct Retaining Walls By Hiring A Landscape Design Company

Retaining walls are really great solutions for a sloping yard. Play areas, patios and pools need a flat and solid surface on which they exist. With the right retaining wall design, your family members can enjoy your backyard safely. There are a few things to chew on prior to beginning a landscape retaining wall design project. The Kind of wall that you will construct depends on the slope of the ground above the wall, the kind of soil in your yard and how much soil will be weighing down on the wall when it gets completes. For your convenience, you are suggested to hire a landscape design company. This company will provide you necessary help in construction of retaining walls.

The higher the wall you make a plan to build, the larger amount of force will be exerted upon it by the hillside the wall is retaining. The force might become so great that it will push the hillside over the top of your wall and crush it. For such reasons, anybody needing to build a wall higher than four feet should consider hiring a landscape design company. There are various styles and colors of retaining wall stones. Prior to settling down on a final decision for your yard, you need to take a drive around the neighborhood and perceive visually whether there are any ideas, which you could see in your yard.

Most of the retaining walls are made from concrete or natural stone. For the novice, think of the pre-cast concrete wall stones. Such stones are made with a lip on the back, which locks them together without any mortar. The stones usually resist pressure from dirt and provide the wall a curved look and step back. The largest drawback to this design is its height. The interlocking stones are not usually recommended for the walls, which are greater than three feet. You need to take the professional advice about the price estimates and the correct materials prior to the commencement of the project. Landscape design companies help you making the best decision for your yard and also for your budget.

Start your project just by digging a trench 8″-10″ deep and 6″ wider than the block where you would like the wall to stay. Fill the trench with 6″ level compacted gravel. Start putting the stones in the trench and check each for level from side to side and front to back. As soon as the first layer gets completed, start laying your second layer of stones in a running bond pattern. If your first level was even, the second should be the same as well. You can use a string to make sure the stones remain level and straight.



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