3 Plumbing Issues You Can Fix Easily Without Spending Money on Plumbers

It is quite common to encounter sudden break out of plumbing issues that makes you stranded for the want of a professional plumber’s assistance. However, hardly anyone thinks of trying a hand at it. If you have the basic knowledge of trouble shooting of plumbing related issues most of the common problems can be resolved in house without waiting for a commercial plumber to turn up and paying for his service.

Water Tap Leak

This is the most common plumbing problem and there would hardly be anyone who has never come across a leaking tap in his or her life. But the consequences of a leaking tap would certainly worsen your days. It can easily be repaired provided you have the patience and common sense to react according to the situation.

Damage of the washer that holds the tap properly is found to be the most common cause of leaking taps. You may have to change the washer or the whole tap assembly. For both, the tap needs to be removed by unscrewing it from the top. But before that the water supply needs to be cut off to avoid water spillage. After removing the tap, you will be able to ascertain whether the washer is damaged or the tap itself is faulty. Replacing the appropriate unit, the water supply can be resumed.





Drain Block

Blocked drains are another frequent disturbance that brings severe discomfort. But if you have essential plumbers equipment like a drain rod or jetteres most of the blocks can be cleared through. Initially find out the drain opening and open the lid carefully. Thereafter, insert the rod till you feel the block and rotate it continuously. Once the main block is through, the rod will further move ahead and then you can stop and remove it. Flushing water for the smooth opening of the drain is required thereafter.

Frozen Pipes

This problem is very frequent during winters. The frozen pipes repair can be prevented by once you locate the frozen area which would be the coldest area of the pipe. Thereafter, turn off the water supply and put the cold water tap nearest to the frozen area, on. Then apply the hot air of hair dryer or similar equipment on to the frozen area of the pipe. A few seconds will see you through the difficulty as the frozen water will melt and flow through the tap to make the pipeline fully functional.


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