Why LED Tube Lights Are Considered As Effective Lighting Solution For Home And Office?

LED has cast a very good effect on consumer and automotive electronic sectors during some past years. It has witnessed a good acceptance and penetration in office and home application for its extraordinary features such as reliability, less replacement prices, energy efficient, durability, smaller size and long life.  LED tube lights emit IR and UV rays and are completely free from toxic materials and come with less disposal problems in comparison to traditional CFL and fluorescent lights. This makes LED lights one of the most ecological forms of lightning nowadays.

First of all, question arises, what is LED? Its full form is light emitting diode. In fact, it is semiconductor source of light. Light emitted by LED is either ultra violet or blue that passes through phosphors to emit white light. The quality of white light is dependent on the technology used, which in most of the cases requires reliable and sophisticated product design. It is presumed that traditional lighting luminaries change about 20% of power into light and the rest gets lost in the form of thermal energy. LED consumes highest amount of power for light generation and the minimum power gets lost in the form of heat. With a powerful thermal management mechanism for dissipation of heat from the light source will increase the lifespan of lamp.


Chips of LED have good advantages since they remain unaffected from frequent off/on cycle. Well-designed and good quality drives play a crucial role in the durability of the LED tube lights since poor and low quality drives are regarded as the most inefficient link of the LED system. These LEDs have 60,000 hrs of burning life whereas traditional light sources have 8000 hrs to 10,000 hrs. The quality of LED light and lumen maintenance is dependent on important factors such as design of LED package, LED chip, robustness of driver and the total design of LED system. With a proper design, LED light system can proffer minimum 70% lumen maintenance.

As per US department of energy, in the coming twenty years, frequent adoption of LED in the US can decrease electricity demand by 62% of lighting, remove 250 million metric tons of carbon emission, shun making of 133 new power plants and predict monetary savings which can go beyond $115 billion. It is the best idea for people to retrofit with led lighting to create eco friendly environment.

Hence, this was all about why LED tube lights are regarded as powerful lighting solution for office and home. Read the article from beginning up to end to know all the necessary things about it.


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