The complete overview about refinishing old furniture

Refinishing old furniture will helps in regaining your furniture beauty and strength. Wooden furniture’s such as chairs, tables, coffee tables, dressers and more are refreshed with fresh paints and stains to get new life. By refinishing old furniture’s it gains its actual looks. It gives new look as well as maintains the naturalist of the material. After refinishing the quality of the furniture gets extended and stands for a long time.

Initially, you need to strip the old paints in the furniture before it introduced for refinishing. This process of removing old paints is done using various chemical process called strippers and sanding. This process of removing the old paints usually consume more time than the time required for painting. Make sure, that you need to follow proper instruction that has been specified in the painting materials such as wearing gloves and more. All the painted or stained furniture should be properly maintains time to get dry which helps in getting better result at the end. This is the right time to repair the furniture to make the loss screw to tighten.

The density or thickness of sanding depends on the furniture and level in which you remove the old stains. Initially, you need to start removing the stains with coarser sandpaper by following finer grit sandpaper to smooth en the wood. Make sure, that sanding is one of the important steps that need to be done carefully, because if you have fails to remove the old stain clearly then you may loss the quality. After removing stains fill the pits or the damages using fillers, again after filling you need to apply smooth sandpaper to get smoothness.

Any alteration in the furniture depends on the type of stain you are willing to apply or paint. Always, don’t forget to read the instruction given in the container while applying it with furniture. In general, container contains some major instruction about how to apply and where to apply; the instruction in the containers also helps in getting high quality results.

If your furniture are too old, then it always better to call the best furniture refinishing company to work on it. The furniture refinishing company usually experienced in handling old furniture.


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