Uses of LED Tube Lighting in Homes and Offices

The advancement in technology brings out the LED tube lights with a brighter light and a longer lifetime than the normal fluorescent bulbs. The Fluorescent lamps made a great business in earlier days but when the LED lights came into the existence, they can no longer survive in the market.

LED tube lights are manufactured in the exact shape and size of a normal fluorescent tube light. This helps to provide a greater benefit for the people to make an easy replacement of existing fluorescent bulbs. You can use the same prongs of the existing bulb to install the LED tube light.

Fluorescent lighting had a number of problems in the workplace and homes. These lights are being used in a place where the light has to be kept on for several hours. These lights normally consume more power and if they kept on for several hours, huge amount of money will be billed for the power consumption. Another danger in these lights is the usage of mercury inside the light. When the light breaks, it may cause an imminent threat to the life of the people.


LED lights consume less power than any other bulbs; it uses only 14 to 24 watts of energy and can last for about 50000 hours. Also it provides the advantage of using different colored lights. This gives the option for an individual to use the color depending on their taste and interest.

LED tube lights consist of a plastic tube housing which can withstand a temperature of 100 degrees. This will help the LED light not to get hot and provide a better life span than other bulbs. Other bulbs will easily get heated and it will eventually result in a very short life time.

Unlike other bulbs the LED tube lights don’t contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury or other life threatening chemicals inside them. It contains LEDs assembled on a silicon substrate which doesn’t give any harm to the environment. They are safe materials to use in office and homes.

Since LED’s provide have a long life span, the people should think about whether they will use it for a long term. The main advantage of LED lights is that it can be used for a very long time without any maintenance or repair work. People should consider this advantage and install the LED lights in their homes or offices if they are going to use them for their lifetime.

There are different types of LED tube lighting and it is best to consult a professional about which type will suit your expectation.


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